The Mayas believed that there was a Naguale inside of every human being, an innate duality inherent in all gods and humans. The meaning of Naguales was to help people reach the balance between the opposing forces which governed their spirit.

But Naguale now stands for something more! The first single (Shake it) arose the interest of people all over Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, France, Great Britain and sunny Brazil. The radio stations became interested in the project and everybody started asking questions…

Yes, he is from ROMANIA!
Naguale is a concept created and developed by Ovidiu Baciu, producer and composer, who also performs as a percussionist.

The project is uniquely special due to its Balkan influence and its traditional Romanian themes.

But what makes it truly explosive is its LIVE Dj set.
Together with Pancho at the trumpet and a DJ, Naguale live equals a mind-blowing percussion show, sprinkled with laser, lights and fire.

Being who they are, performing like they do, the boys tell us that anything can reach balance, even the most antagonistic of things.